How to make an order?
You can simply add the items into the shopping cart and send us the screenshot by email, shop@tanndy.com. We will then get in touch with you for processing. You can also email us directly for the items you want, kindly mention the quantity as well. 
Below is the step for entire order processing:
- You choose the items in the store, add them into shopping cart;
- Sumbit the order by clicking "Checkout";
- Fill the contact & address info and click "Complete Order"
- Then we will get the list of items you want;
- We will then contact you to confirm the items one by one;
- You send payment to us for production;
- We ship goods by container to destination port;
- You look for clear agent to clear the goods and bring it to your house;
Whats the currency for the items? Price term?
The currency is in USD.
The price is Exw factory price. The price not included freight. After you submit the items list then we will work out the FOB cost and shipping cost to your country.
How to make payment? Can I pay on website directly?
We accept the transfer by bank wire transfer.
As the order amount is big, so we do not accept PayPal.
How soon I can get my goods? Shipping time?
Normally the production time will take 2~3 weeks, shipping by sea will take 3~4 weeks. So normally 5~7 weeks you will get the goods.
As the goods are heavy items, so not suggest to send by air.
Are the goods in stock? Production time?
Most of them are in stock. Some of them need production.
If the goods is not in stock, then the production time used to take 2~3 weeks.
Is there any MOQ? Minimum order amount? 
There is no MOQ on the order quantity. No minimum order amount.
Besides the goods amount, what else do I need to pay?
As the price is Exw factory price, so there are FOB cost and shipping freight you need to pay.
The FOB cost is about US650~$750. The shipping cost to different destination port is varied.
How to contact you? Your working hour?
You are welcome to contact us by both Email & WhatsApp.
WhatsApp: 0086-18620044981
Working hour: 9:00am ~ 18:00pm, Monday - Friday.
About shipping?
We normally ship the goods by container by sea. 
You can check this link for more information about shipping.